3 Most dangerous things about "Meats"

3 Dangers of meats you may not know

11/3/20222 min read

3 Dangers of meat you may not know!

  1. How it destroys your colon

  2. Non-Organic Meat Toxin

  3. Organic Meat Toxin

How it destroys your colon

Is human really omnivore? Yes, our digestive system is hybrid. But it's 80% for plant , 20% for animal products. It's kind of emergency system , backup system or temporary system. Nature allows us to eat meat if it's necessary. If we can't find any plant to eat and have to eat meats, we can do, but with limitions. Our body is mainly designed to digest plan. This 20%-quota works well with milk and egg or small animal, not meats.

The tiger can digest raw meat and finish all the digestion within a day. What about human? Normally, meats will be in our gut for 2 days. It's very hard for us to digest even the cooked meats. At the end of day, spoiled meat is in our colon. It produces many bad bacteria and toxins. All those things destroy our good gut bacteria (probiotic). The toxins are absorbed into our blood.

It's better to use only our main system, and avoid using our temporary system.

Non-Organic Meat Toxin

Antibiotics are always injected into all animals in the farm to prevent them from many disease. Many hormones are used to make them grow as fast as possible. You will load tons of antibiotics and hormones into your body when you eat meats. Some of them still got sick, and have many germs in their body. You will get all of them from their meats too.

Their foods and water also big issues. The animals are fed with toxic foods and water. The pesticides, omega6, and many toxins are loaded into their body. They are inside the meats and we will get all of them.

Organic Meat Toxin

When you eat meats, you also eat their energy and their emotion. Their stress hormones are in their body when they are killed. There is a lot of detail about this kind of toxins which you can do google search. These toxins are the energy of death. They can destroy your organs in many ways.

I just would like to share some experiences about an emotion. When I was meat eater, I sometimes had a nightmare. Sometimes I saw myself running to escape something. Sometimes I saw many violations in my dream. Many kinds of nightmare were gone. I had less nightmare since I went vegetarian.

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