Who is "Kob"?

Born with heart valve disease, Living with "One Meal A Day(OMAD) - Vegan" Lifestyle

How IT guy meat eater go Vegan with "One Meal A Day" diet (almost raw food)

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Hi! I am "Kob". It's my nickname. I got bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and master's degree in IT(Information Science). I had worked in IT industry for a long time. I lived my life just as other IT guys in meat eater society. I am an Asian guy. I enjoyed eating yummy foods from every cultures in the world. LOL

When I was in my 20s I can't imagine that how I can turn to vegan like this. I had many health problems since I was young. Yes, I born with heart valve regurgitation. I found out the truth about my heart when I was 29 years old. I then understood that why I was not a healthy person and had many health issues in the past. But that time my health was not too bad, so I decided to avoid any operation. I don't want something to be inserted into my heart at all! I try to take care my self as much as possible, but it get worst when I was in my 30s. My job is very hard and I was very tried. ..."Can I work anymore?!".

I realized that I must do something. I started to study natural therapy seriously. Finally I decided to go vegetarian (and then vegan later) and try many natural methods. After turning to vegetarian, it's clear that meat hurts my heart and my body! After trying so many methods, I had learned many things about health science, nutrition, meditation, and so on. After start turning to vegan with 2 meals a day diet and move to live outside the city, I had never got cold.

For now, after changing my lifestyle for over 10 years, I cannot say that I am a strong or healthy person, but I can say that my "One Meal A Day Vegan" diet make me alive. Normally I eat only one meal a day and it's 70-80% raw food. Sometimes 100% raw vegan, sometimes (10-20%) 2 meals a day.

I believe that "nature's healing power is always great for everyone".

No matter you are for today, "Meat eater", "Pescatarian", "Vegetarian" , "Vegan" , "Plant based", if you believe in the healing power of nature, my knowledge in this website is here to help you.

I understand meat eater's feeling because my parents and me were also meat eater before. At first, I changed my diet for my health, but after turning to vegetarian & vegan I realized the real happiness of "no guilt" :)

  • If you don't have any health issue today, you are very lucky, but it doesn't mean that you will never have.

  • If you have any health issue, I want to tell you that please believe in nature!

  • If you want to do IF(Intermittent Fasting), but cannot deal with your craving, I am ready to help you!

  • If you want to try plant based to get better health or ...

  • If you want to go vegan for the animals and our planet, but feel it's very hard to do, I am ready to help you with my experience too!

Here is my website where I want to share all of my knowledge and help the people who want to get more information about the healing power of nature.

Yes, I build this website for others and also for my life ... for new opportunity in my life!